Xerox Versant 2100  Press

Digital print is ideal for short print runs and our new Xerox Versant 2100  Press digital press offers better quality, more options and all kinds of advantages.

What does the press do?

This is a mid-level production engine that replaces the DocuColor 8080. It has a higher speed, accepts a wider range of media and benefits from greater automation. There’s a new low-gloss version of the EA ‘dry ink’ toner that was first seen in the Colour 1000. This is intended to give offset-like quality, rather than the giveaway sheen of some digital print. Smoother tones are possible with 10-bit imaging depth.


Better print quality

The new generation of digital print is getting ever closer to the high quality print you expect from a litho printer.

We can optimise text, images and halftones to achieve the best results and cost-effectively print important documents from brochures and catalogues to leaflets and reports. We can print everything quickly, straight from electronic files and even print both sides at the same time.

Dry ink

The telltale sign of a digital print job used to be its distinctive gloss finish. Not any more. The matt dry ink formulation creates a uniform appearance across highlights, midtones and shadows.

Sometimes when the same artwork is printed digitally and on a litho press – it can be difficult for people to tell which is which. Not for us, of course.

Better colour matching

Powerful colour management technologies are built into the Xerox® Versant® 2100 Press. This means we can emulate a range of industry standards, including GRAcol and Fogra to adhere to Pantone standards.

At the touch of a button we can accurately match colours from page to page, job to job, shift to shift and press to press.

Xerox® Versant® 2100 Press